My favorite 4 slice toaster



My goal is to start my own web design business, and when I’m not working on that you can often find me in the kitchen. I love experimenting with recipes and trying out new dishes, I also enjoy playing with the latest countertop appliances. Recently I purchased a 4 slice toaster, and breakfast hasn’t been the same. Let me tell you why I love this small kitchen appliance so you’ll understand why I’m devoting this blog post to my favorite  4 slice toaster.


Cuisinart from


First of all it comes with four slots so I can easily make enough toast for a couple of people at a time. This is definitely a benefit since I frequently find myself enjoying breakfast with a couple of friends. The slots are also wide enough for me to use some of the local artisan breads, though I do have to be careful how thick I cut the slices. I went over some toaster reviews because I wanted to make sure it’s perfect for tall bread Since it comes with a convenient high-lift lever, enough smaller English muffins are easy to remove without burning my fingers.

I never thought that I would pay attention to the electrical cord, but now I do. There are only a few outlets in my kitchen, and my 4 slice toaster comes with a power cord that is long enough to easily reach. Best of all there is a compact on the bottom that stores the electric cord when it is not being used. Trust me when I say this really does make storage a breeze.

What really makes this my favorite 4 slice toaster are all of the convenient functions. All I have to do is put the bread in the slots, and the toaster does the rest. Whoever would’ve thought that there would be a “smart” toaster? There is a function for bread and bagels so everything is browned perfectly, and this model can even sense when the toast is done. This allows me to walk away from the toaster, without worrying about the bread burning. If it is done before I am ready to eat I simply press the warming button. This innovative functions heats my toast back up without it continuing to brown. Personally I think every toaster should come with a warming function.

Even cleaning up afterwards is a breeze. There is a crumb tray on the bottom so my counters stay clean. Since it slides out, emptying it is quick and easy and it simply slides back in. As you can see I really like this 4 slice toaster, and I’m sure that I’ll be writing about it again in future blog posts. As always I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.