The Best Wines for Every Dish


In a different post, I told you all about how the French truly enjoy having butter in all their recipes. Now, I am turning towards another thing that is never amiss from their daily lives, which is wine. The French are famous worldwide for their wines, and I must say that I am eager to become a connoisseur, now that I live in the country making the best wine in the world. So far, I have improved my knowledge on food and wine pairings, and this is what today’s post will be all about.


One of the best-known wines served at the table is Pinot Noir. I seriously doubt there is anyone who had never tasted this type of wine unless they do not like wine altogether. Pinot Noir is an excellent choice when you are having meals rich in earthy flavors, such as mushrooms or truffles. Experts all agree that this is an exceptional choice for any meal of the kind.

You most probably know that white wine goes best with fish, but which white wine is the best with shrimps or steamed fatty fish? From what I have learned so far, Chardonnay is one of the best choices to go for. The smooth, silky texture of this white wine makes digesting fish easier, and it makes for a light meal that will leave you satiated without over-eating.

Since I am talking about wine, and I am currently residing in France, I cannot write a blog post about wine, without mentioning the famous Champagne. If you are looking to pair Champagne with food, I highly suggest going for salty things, since the slight tinge of sweetness in this wine will counterbalance the saltiness just fine.

You might have noticed how I said nothing so far about steaks. Who doesn’t love a juicy piece of steak? The French do, just like the rest of the world, so you may be wondering how they manage to stay so slim. The secret may be the way they pair their favorite foods with wine. In this case, juicy steaks, especially lamb chops, work great with Cabernet Sauvignon.

For those who have a weakness for tangy foods but they do not like them to be extremely tangy when they hit their taste buds, what I can clearly recommend is a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Think something along the lines of a plate of scallops, accompanied by onion salad. You will see how they work together like a pair made in heaven.

Zinfandel is a type of wine that I was taught just recently that works like a charm with terrines and mousse like recipes. Rich and rustic, this wine will make the somewhat heavy foods to get digested more easily, not to mention the fact that your taste buds will be on cloud number nine.