About Me



Hi, there, everyone! My name is Emmanuel Cup and this is my blog, where I intend to share with anyone caring to spend a little while reading my posts, my experience of moving to Provence, France. I know that for many moving from a familiar place to another they know nothing about can feel a bit scary, but I think I am past my initial shock now and I can now see Provence in all its glory, with the good and the bad.

Let me tell you a few things about me first. I am a web designer by formation, and what I really love about my work is that I can work from any place I like. I do not have any constraints related to an office type of job and I definitely appreciate my freedom. I work as a freelancer, and I love the liberty of working on different projects and face new challenges every day, instead of getting stuck in the same old, same old routine of working 9 to 5. Another thing that I believe it is worth knowing about me is that I am a great lover of good food and good wine, both in high supply here in Provence. I am by no means what people call a connoisseur, but I love experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen. Which finally brings me to what I wanted to tell you in the first place, which is what this blog is all about.

I would like to document in my blog all my experiments in the kitchen, based on what I learn from my new fellow countrymen and countrywomen. France is a beautiful place, and Provence is really blessed with wonderful weather, great vineyards and a lot of great food. For me, living here is a dream come true and I want to share some of my happiness with anyone who happens to visit my blog.

What I like about Provence is the fact that it is so close to other similar cultures, which leads to a mix in cuisine that I suppose it must be unique in the world. Not far, you will find the French Alps, and Italy and Spain are not that far either. I am pretty sure that I will not learn only about French cuisine, while living here, since I am in so close proximity to the other two cuisines I love best in the world, Italian and Spanish. Did you know one much loved local sport is truffle hunting? I had no idea until I moved here and I am so anxious to try out some truffle recipes, too, seeing that people here know their way around cooking quite well.

I hope my little entry post has convinced you to read some of my blog posts and I will get to see you around more!