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  In a different post, I told you all about how the French truly enjoy having butter in all their recipes. Now, I am turning towards another thing that is never amiss from their daily lives, which is wine. The French are famous worldwide for their wines, and I must say that I am eager… Read Article →

    Since my move to Provence, France I have started trying to cook some of the local dishes, with varying degrees of success. While I’ve had plenty of interesting failures and a few that were just scary, one dish that I have managed to perfect is Ratatouille.   The best way to describe this… Read Article →

    My goal is to start my own web design business, and when I’m not working on that you can often find me in the kitchen. I love experimenting with recipes and trying out new dishes, I also enjoy playing with the latest countertop appliances. Recently I purchased a 4 slice toaster, and breakfast… Read Article →

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